" Easy Cabbage Beef Soup


Easy Cabbage Beef Soup


1 lb. ground beef (or more if you desire)

1 cabbage (or one bag of coleslaw mix with carrots added)

2 or 3 carrots (probably won’t need this if you buy the bag of coleslaw with carrots)

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 tall can (26 oz.) of tomato soup (or two smaller cans)

water enough to cover ingredients

Garlic Salt to taste


Brown the bottom beef and drain fat.

Wash and cut the cabbage and carrots. Add the brunet beef, cabbage, and carrots to an outsized pot.

Add within the will of tomato soup and diced tomatoes. Add in water. You’ll need enough to hide the ingredients and fill the soup pot, however not an excessive amount of in order that it boils over simply once cookery. offer everything a decent stir and find able to boil.

I add in my flavourer at now. i take advantage of simply many shakes from the instrumentality. I invariably style check because the cookery goes on to ascertain if it wants additional or less. this is often undoubtedly a private alternative.

I bring the ingredients to a decent boil and so I let the soup simmer on medium heat for a decent 30-45 minutes, enough to totally cook the cabbage and create it soft. You’ll need to stir often.

When I’m finally able to eat, I combine my cabbage beef soup with some Keebler Club bonkers. I simply crush them up within the soup and it’s soooo good!

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